Brunette lesbians

23 Nov 2013, 00:44 - Category: Lesbian

As I told you guys before, I have this awesome pug dog and I am taking him on regular parks on a daily basis. The park in my neighbourhood is where I met that awesome milf that I told you about, then one with the sexual appetite of a 18 year old girl. She fucked my brains out and I remember that fuckfest and that beast of a women fondly. But this park has something magical in it. Remember the scene from Trainspotting where Renton and Sick Boy are discussing the famous Bond movies and Renton shoots the skinhead guys dog in the balls and it bites him in the face? Well imagine me in that position, only without a gun, but I had a far greater view than Rent had, even with his goggles.

I was lying around with my little pug buddy when I noticed something moving in the trees. It was two gorgeous lesbians who were kissing there and though no one could see them. Well, for great luck has struck me, I could see them and I loved them. They had long and sexy brunette hair flowing right down to their sexy asses, it was that long. As I was eyeing them I noticed that one of the girls started slipping down her hand in the other ones trousers. I was stunned, she was fingering her in public! I could almost hear the moaning of the other lesbian and it was beautiful. I am going to come to this park all the time!

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