College girls karaoke

30 Jan 2014, 22:40 - Category: Bitches

I once went to a nice bar in the jewish quarter of town and I had a pretty cool experience plus I have gotten to see some pretty hot babes and got really drunk, and even got a phone number so you could say it was a pretty fun night and a night to be remembered. So the jewish quarter houses the big party life and the pubs of the city almost 40 percent but makes up for only 5% of the whole size of the big city. All of the foreigners and the youth of the country gather here on fridays and saturdays, and lot of hot college chicks are getting nasty and drunk here not only just on the weekend but on weekdays too, cause every knows that college students are getting drunk every day of the week and especially on weekdays like wednesday and thursday. 

But enought of that and more about these sexy bitches I told you guys about, you do not care for the geopraphy and cultural lesson, you only want to hear about the gorgeous babes that I encounter during my travels. Well these group of girls were from college and they wore tiny and revealing dresses to this karaoke pub I went to.  They were pretty drunk and had all kind of fun in the establishment, and of course I approached them...

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