Dildoing lesbians in lingerie

17 Sep 2013, 16:14 - Category: Lesbian

During my university years I had a lot of boring classes, especially when I was getting my bachelors. The masters was pretty okay with a number of interactive classes not just lectures. But this story I am going to share with you guys happened during my years when I was trying to get my bachelors degree. It was in the second year, on a gloomy thursday afternoon when I was on the fifth floor listening to some boring antropology bullshit on the most boring lecture of my life. I was sleepy and hung over because I was partying the day before, and I got home at about 6 AM and had to go to school at 8.

So as I was sitting there I looked out the window (thankfully I was sitting next to it, and it was the luckiest thing I have ever done as you will see) and started gazing on the opposite building which was an old brick building from the 1930's. It was okay, had big windows and thank god for those. On the fifth floor as well there was a window that was not shielded by any shades or curtain and I could see right in. It was a cosy bedroom nothing special, but then two gorgeous lesbians jumped on the bed. It was two blondes and they were only wearing tiny lingerie that almost revealed everything. They were kissing passionately and their perfect bodies were as one. They caressed each other gently, but there were little spanks too that landed on their asses.  After that they started undressing and those tits that came out of the bras were the prettiest I have ever seen. They got out of the panties too and then the fun started. One of them got a dildo from under the bed and put it in her girlfriends pussy. She really did it hard and the other girl was screaming with joy.

Unfortunately the lecture ended and I had to go, but not before I snapped a picture with my camera. This was my favorite class ever!


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