Hotel sex is good sex!

16 Sep 2013, 11:54 - Category: Hardcore

I was working with a big multinational company and was feeling really good about myself at that time. I made huuuuge amounts of money and the world was a big playground just waiting for me to try out all the rides and play with everything. Money wasn't an issue and my colleauges were just like me, partying and working late enjoying life. Of course later I found out that our company was Satan incarnate, but that's another story and I don't want to bore you guys with it. You're here for some action afterall!

We were in a beach resort in Panama and we had a freakin' awesome time there. We rode jetskis, we stayed in five star hotel rooms, ate the best food and we were drinking 24-7. We went for a week on vacation and for us hard workers, this week was all about letting out some steam aand having a good time. So one day we decided to go down to the hotel bar all 5 of us and we wanted to get some chicks out of the evening.

We started chatting up 5 girls who were here together too and they loved that we could buy anything. Soon we went our separate ways and everyone got their pair. I landed a super sweet black haired babe, she was thing, she was gorgeous and she was drunk. We went up to the hotel room and ripped the clothes off each other. She went on her knees and started sucking my cock so intensely I nearly came in the first minute. Then I threw her on the bed on her stomach and started fucking her from behind really fast and as hard as I could. She screamed my name and scratched the walls in her ecstasy. Then when she finished it was time for me, I turned her around got my cock close to her face above her tits and ordered her to jerk it out. She obliged and I blew a cumshot so big she was swimming in cum. 

Who said you can't get crazy hardcore sex from a vacation fling?

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