Lesbian dream

15 Nov 2013, 14:00 - Category: Lesbian

I am not getting the sleep I used to now that I attend classes in a nearby college and I have to study as well as work, and it is really a pain in the ass. I have exams, tests and essays all the time, and I have to do a stupid presentation like every week for a different class and it is really wearing me out. Well you could say that it is the toll of getting a masters degree, but no one told me that I would have no free time while working and studying simoultaneiously. It is just one of those things I guess.

So all this sleep deprivation lead to the thing that I could not dream anymore. I used to have these vivid dreams of everything from flying, to battleing UFO-s to having sex with random girls, and jizzing on my acquintances in dreamworld. It was pissing my off that I had no dreams whatsoever, but then on one night they came back with an awesome dream nonetheless.

I was in a police investigation room with a two way mirror, and there were two girls in the other room. Both of them had sexy tattoos and they looked awesome. I found out later that they were gorgeous lesbians, because they started kissing and undressing each other. They unraved their awesome bodies and their tits were so firm anything would bounce back from it. Then a huge dildo came out and filled one of their pussies up so good, she had a squirting orgasm.

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