Lesbians eating ice cream

12 Dec 2013, 23:16 - Category: Lesbian

Okay guys, bear with me this time, and better yet I propose a shout out to all of you guys who work out there. Those of you who does not got jobs by some reason, please have a round of applause or one minute of silence for your brethren who are grinding the gears nine to five. They get up everyday and go to work to provide for their families or themselves and they are getting exhausted every week. Well actually there is one escape for these brave and sturdy men, that is the days of their summer vacation, and on such vacation, this story happened to me (because of course I work too, as you can see the fruits of my labors every day here at the Babes and Bitches blog). 

I was on a vacation in Spain and people there are pretty open minded. I was in a nice resort in the south part of the country, and I went with a buddy of mine and we were chilling on the beach. That was 'till we saw these two girls in tiny and sexy bikinis. They were standing in line at the bar and they were holding hands. We were suspicious at first, but when they kissed we became sure that they are super hot lesbians. They were getting ice cream, and a drop got onto the blondes boobs. The other one licked it off and I was off my feet.

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