Lesbians on the dancefloor

29 Nov 2013, 17:27 - Category: Lesbian

There is a special kind of party we like to go to, and it is just insane what goes on in these. I am gonna paint the scene first, so you can really take in the awesomeness of this story, and the pretty girls who were kissing sensually on the dancefloor. This is one of the most insane parties I have ever been to, to date, so it is really worth describing. This party is a part of a party series, and it has some retro aspects but it is every way as modern as the year wants it. The cities hipster culture and micro-blogging era flock tot this location because it is every bit ironic as themselves. We stumbled upon this thing one time and since then, we are addicted. 

So we arrived at the location, and the techno was already booming. There are the most ridicilously named DJ-s here, and they play europopo, hardcore, grindcore and every kind of electric core you can imagine and make up in your mind. We really love it, cause a lot of the songs are from our childhood where we were losers in school and the party from 6 pm to 9pm was the biggest event in our lives. We started pumping our fists hard when we saw a pair of amazing lesbians on the dancefloor. They were making out freakin' hard, and the brunette and the blonde were clearly deeply drunk. These kind of sexy party girls are the best in the nightlife!

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