Lilith's Adventures in SexLand 10.

14 Jul 2014, 23:02

“Actually not yet, but just let not decide it straight away.”

“You are a nymphomaniac.”

“My ex-boyfriend used to say that. I just love sex. You can call it however you wish.”

“So my mysterious lover, what is your plan now?”

“We can play a guessing game. It called: What Is Going On Next Door?”

“Do you want to reproduce their activity here?”

“Not really. I don’t want to imitate anybody but just imagine if we could have seen through the walls what could have we seen…”


“Ok. You start then. In medias res, so where are we now in their story?”

“One of the girls just cummed.”

“Hey it’s nothing. Did he really cum? She screamed but was it that kind of scream? And if so was it real or fake? And how did it happen?”

“Well I see where your game is heading. I’m in. Ok. She was not expecting to cum. She was bitten by our sandwich guy and it hurt a bit, but at the same time her girlfriend’s fingers were moving in her pussy so perfectly that she cummed.”

“Not bed but still not detailed enough.”

“Ok, mystery sex expert, so what is your variation?”

“You have to describe the full situation to imagine it properly. I think the young girls wanted to treat our buffet man, they want to prove they are good. And anyway they both were refused to participate here in our action so they wanted to have something very good.”

“You mean because they were frustrated.”

“I mean they wanted a balance. And young women always have some kind of burden of proof, young boys only think of themselves so they can match.”

“Ok. So what they did then?”

“The two girls started a lesbian play. No men can resist that, so the guy had his dick hard. Then the new girl started to give him a blowjob, while the other was licking her pussy from underneath.”

“So she was kneeing above her, I guess. And the guy was standing front of her.”


“And what’s then?”

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