Lilith's Adventures in SexLand 11.

15 Jul 2014, 23:16

“She wanted to change position. The blonde turned her on with her licking but she felt that it could not make her cum. She wanted to get shagged. So she pretended cuming. “

“So you mean it was fake. I knew you would say that. But your reasoning is not that strong at this point.”

“But it is a possible plot. The guy got crazy as he believed it is how it seems. And they changed positions as she wished. The two girls both laid back on the seats next to each other, raised their legs to the air and opened them, they put their hands under their butts in this way lifting up their hips, so their pussy got higher and into a good position for fucking.”

“Hey, you turn me on again if you continue. Is it your purpose?”

“Do you enjoy our guessing game? Now it’s your turn. What comes next?”

“Ok. So the two pussies were just next to each other. Our guy felt himself in Heaven. He tried to meet the expectations.  He entered to the blonde first and well… our redhead got his fingers. He was fingering her first…”

“So the other is a redhead, isn’t she?”

“Yeah, she is fleshier than our blondie and has huge hard boobs with big nipples.”

“I thought so… and a tight thirsty pussy…”

“The redhead rolled onto the blonde babe and kissed her, she lied on top of her, pushed her down and took his dick out of her and pushed into her own pussy while she was kissing her girlfriend’s lips, neck and tits. And also pushed her fingers into her pussy instead of the cock she just stole.” 

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