Lilith's Adventures in SexLand 12.

16 Jul 2014, 22:19

“Ok, I take over the story. The blonde realized the power-game but didn’t want to get involved, she was sure that he will swap between their pussies so she does not have to worry about getting fucked and also she loved her girlfriend’s fingers.”

“I can’t go on like that. It is getting too much for me. My dick got hard again.”

“So what’s now then? I have a few more ideas about next door…”

“I have no doubt. Do you want to see me begging you?” he had a beautiful smile and I saw his dick standing hard as he told. His cum still did not dry on me. I would not mind to fuck again, but I had another idea, something I always wanted to try but I always choose something else instead. He already started to stroke my tits, rub my nipples.

“What do you think about an experiment?”

“Is it something really wild? Do you want to tie me out?”

I laughed.

“Sounds great but we don’t have what it needs and also I think the train is not the best place for that.”

“Sooo would you tell me then?”

“Wild enough but maybe not what you expect. I’ve seen it in a film I love. And I always wanted to know if it can work. Just sit opposite sides and watch each other masturbating. It is not supposed to be a classic masturbation as the partners are very close, can feel the smell of the other, can hear the breath of the other and feel the other with many senses. But no touch allowed. They can do whatever they imagine the partner would do to her or him or get told by the partner and also react for the act of the other. What do you think?”

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