Lilith's Adventures in SexLand 13.

17 Jul 2014, 22:24

“You are right it is wild in a way and crazy. I just don’t get the reason why choosing that instead of shagging.”

“Well, no reason really, it is an experiment. Sharpens your senses and your desire gets heated to the maximum. I really don’t know if the orgasm possible in this way, for you I guess yes, for me… we will see.”

“In the film… was it possible?”

“The film is a different planet with different characters. Let’s try if it works with us.”

He was staring at me. 

“Ok.” told me finally “I’m in. But just let’s say if it doesn’t work out and we would rather fuck in real then we do that.”

“Ok. Just give it a chance, give it some time needed to try. Try to transfer your desires back to yourself. I don’t know how and whether it works, I’ve never tried, I just imagined a few times.”

He intently jump to the opposite seat. We were quite close to each other still, and we already had a sexual adventure and we were heading the next, but this was the first time I actually could scan his body and probably he just realized the same thing with me.

“Can we talk?”

“Of course we can. And we can ask things we wish to see.”

“Can I ask something?”

“You naturally can, it is a game of two.”

“I would like a silent start. No talk, no requests. Just both of us pleasure herself or himself and do what she or he would imagine would be asked from her or him.”

“Isn’t it getting too complicated?”

“No, I think it gives the comfort of the situation, because you definitely do something to yourself you love. The other then can decide whether to follow that path or try to bring the other to her or his dream world.”

“Risky game but I am already overexcited.” 

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