Lilith's Adventures in SexLand 8.

11 Jul 2014, 14:58 - Category: Bitches

So they left in rush. And we were left alone again. We could continue paying full attention to ourselves undisturbed. But to be honest I did not mind anything happened by now, not even the two visitors we had. Though I wanted to be with my Samael, every unexpected moment made me more excited. I had a reason for wanting to be only with my guy and it was not because I refuse threesome or groupie in general, not at all. In a way I can say it was already on my list. But if you are with somebody who you feel matching you perfectly sexually then you want to bring out the most of it especially if you know it is a once and unrepeatable experience. He licked and sucked my pussy still and even it took long he did not complain. He wanted to make me come and I loved that he works on it so tirelessly. I was relaxed and did not give direct verbal instructions. I felt he reacts for all my body feedback, my moves and sigh so I only let myself react how it came naturally. It was so perfect I could be like that forever. But then the familiar feeling started to raise inside me, I felt that it bursts out, it was like a volcano, the lava was in its way, I knew if he continues like that, I will get lost in a minute, and I wanted that so badly.

“Just don’t stop” he did not intend to I just wanted to make sure he knows where we are. He knew. And there we were…

I screamed loudly and uncontrolled, just let blow out everything that had to come out. Before I even finished my orgasm I felt his hard cock inside me again. How the earth he knows I love it in this way? He resonates with me, it is more than great. I felt like in a dream. He fucked me hard.

And then we heard a loud scream from the neighbor cabin. 

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