Sexy teens in the locker room

21 Sep 2013, 14:00 - Category: Teen

Our college had a really cool sport complex and almost everyone went there to do their PE classes (that were mandatory for 2 semesters and lotso f people had a problem with that, but I didn't, free gy m yo!) and lot of guys and girls like me went down there to train, do some lifting or kick in a little cardio to be fit. In our college you could not get laid ever if you weren't fit or buff or didn't look good all the time, so it was a pretty important to go there.

I was after a pretty tiring workout session so I was a bit dizzy, I ran a half hour too and just downed my protein shake. I wanted to get a shower and get my stuff from the locker room so I headed for the door which, I thought had the male locker room behind it. I was wrong. When I entered the room there was nothing unusal, the same locker, the same benches but my key did not open my locker. I didn't care 'cause I had my towel and bathgel with me so I went into the shower.

When I entered I was stunned. There were gorgeous little teens showering there and when they saw me they did not scream, they just stood there smiling and invited me in to shower with them. They took my gel out of my hands and startes rubbing it on my body, soaping up pretty cool. One of them started stroking my cock and she did a really great job plus the soap acted as lube and it was awesome. The other one said in a fake sad voice that her chest was not yet clean. I of course started putting soap on her perfect perky boobs and she loved it. Her girlfriend didn't stop stroking me and the tempo was getting faster Finally when both of them was using her hands and they were kissing my neck I blew my load.

This was the hottest shower I have ever had!

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