Stockholm Syndrome

03 Jan 2014, 22:06 - Category: Teen

I was with this girl at the time this story happened, (she was a gorgeous little blonde) and this is one of the most kinky and nasty stories I got in store for you. But as most of these kind of stories go, those are the best and the dirtyer the better. So we were going out for a while at that time, and she was always finding new ways to pleasure me and she was always experimenting with new stuff and toys, she was totally crazy but I loved her for it and I remember her really fondly and well in the sack. You know you have girls that are okay in the bed, plus as a guy you will be satisfied with pretty much anything, but there is this one girl whose sexual provess you'll never forget. Well for me this was this cute teen

We were at home at one time, maybe it was a Friday and I got out from work and picked her up on the way home, she was watching a movie with one of her friends. It was a pretty nice spy movie, but that gave her and idea... We arrived home she got some rope and bondaged me into a hard wooden chair. She started talking in a russian accent and asked me spy stuff. Then she slapped me a few times really hard and said she needed to use some other techniques. 

She started sucking my dick, and she stopped occasionally to tell me that she needed the information, and she will suck my dick for days until I finally crack and give it to her. I cummed in her mouth so hard at first I thought she would stop but she didn't. She sucked my dick for 3 hours and I was screaming with joy and was totally dry at the end and fell asleep in the chair.

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