Teen girls on the seminar

13 Dec 2013, 14:58 - Category: Teen

I told you about my academic years quite a lot, because a really loved it and had  a lot of fun while I was a student of the university. I really like to look back at all the crazy, fun and fucked up things I used to do and feel every day there, and all of them (even the bad ones) are good memories because they made me the man I am today, and the man that has the confidence to share every detail of his desires and fantasises with you guys. And not just that, but to express the feelings and joy I get everytime I get the privilege of fucking somebody or seeing a nice pair of boobies, or a cute and pretty face. 

So I was holding a seminar about economy to the freshmen at my school ,and it was an annual thing, before every first exam period we used to do this, because we did not want the little freshmen to fail hard and drop out of school. So I was in the classroom preparing the things I was going to say, when the guys showed up and every one of them so tired that I felt a kind of fatherly pity over them. This was until I saw these amazing teens coming into the room when I felt less fatherly instantly. There was a little stunning redhead who smiled at me when she came in, I forgot everything about economy right there.

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