Teen trick or treating

21 Dec 2013, 20:00 - Category: Teen

I am in the age where you are a) not a kid who loves halloween and the trick or treating, and you are not overly excited of getting 3 tons of candy and stuffing your face with it for four weeks, cause your not a kid, and you do not want to screw with your diet b) you are not a teenager who wants to dress up slutty or funny and go to a lame ass party where you can get drunk and make out or even have drunk sex with that girl or boy you were eyeing for 6 monts on the corridor of the school c) you are not an adult who has kids, therefore has to give a shit about this shitty holiday again.

My age is the perfect gap that I have had countless halloweens getting piss drunk and now I am kind of just over the whole thing. I drink too much lately, so I do not need another excuse to poison myself. So I was just sitting at home playing video games and not giving a shit about this whole thing when I heard a knock on the door. It was some kids and an amazingly cute teen with them. She was wearing a slutty maid uniform and it was as revealing as it can get without being pornographic. This little blonde was worth getting out of bed and putting some pants on, the way she looked at me was just a huge turn on for me.

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