Teens doing karaoke

06 Dec 2013, 23:18 - Category: Teen

We always have some adventures on our way out in the city and we have looong and long nights out drinking and enjoying ourselves with my buddies. In our city there is a particurarly filled part of the city, in accordance to pubs and bars and the like. It was the Jewish quarter of the city back in the days, and  before the World War, and it still has the name but the people there are mostly youngsters trying to have a good time, and the houses now hold party places, bars and pubs in them in the night and offices in the day. I keep wondering how many residents would be amazed that their flats and residential units are turned into these vibrant and loud places where people are having the time of their lives. 

There was one night when we were out and up about town and it contained singing, amazing teens and a lot of booze. We were in the Jewish quarter and we wanted a good drinking place before we headed to the party we attended that night (it was shit by the way) and we found this complete jewel. It was cheap, it was in the middle of the city and it had ultra super cute girls singing in the karaoke machine. We sat down and did a shot, and listened to the endless Taylor Swift songs, until a girl in a really small skirt started singing an Alanis Morrisette song, and it was so terrible we had to jet out! Haha!

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