Ugly sweater day

04 Dec 2013, 16:00 - Category: Babes

There is a charity event in my home town that I can relate to very much. It is called "Ugly sweaters for charity", because people gather up, and wear the most retro and ugly sweaters from the 70s and 80s and 90s. There are knitted monstrosities, terrible figures on the front and on the back, and unholy fabrics that are presented here, and still everyone manages to look good in them for some reason. It is a really big event and it even began to get some support from a larger group of people, so the press is out, a lot of pictures are taken and big sponsors back it annually. 

Soooo, I attended this charity event with my famous cat sweater (it has painted portraits of cats on it, it is magnificient, fashionable, adorable and sexy at the same time), and it was a big hit amongst all the knitted christmas sweaters. It really stood out. 

There were these group of babes dressed in these sexy clothes, and they really outdone themselves with ugly sweaters. They were all beautiful, amazing girls, they had the best hair at the party and some of them had long brunette, and one of them the Miley Cyrus kind short blonde hair. I was staring at them with my mouth open, and they noticed. They fired a ravishing smile at me at the same time and I was smitten. These gorgeous babes can look good in anything that is for sure!

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