Whiskey tasting

17 Jan 2014, 21:55 - Category: Teen

We live in a world where promotion and marketing and advertising are getting more and more a part of our lives. We are getting so much information in a day, an hour or a minute that the man of the past got in a week or a month. We are getting immunte to the information more and more every day, and companies are struggleing to get our attention and sell their products in this over offering world of ours. There is a thing called banner-blindness, it is a thing of the internet, and it means that people visiting websites are automatically ignoring all the adverts, and they do not even know of it. Tracking their eye-movements gave the results and they were pretty eye-opening for marketing scientists.

So in this struggle there came a nice whiskey company in our fair city, and gave me and my buddies an opportunity to taste a wide variety of their products entirely free of charge and we made a real party out of it. Especially when we were waiting for the expert at our friends flat 8 of us guys and the doorbell rand. We let the dude in just to find out that he was in fact not a dude, but she was a lady. An incredibly fine teen, who was interning for the company. She was crazy hot, and had a fine body under her classy clothes, and she was pretty strong too cause she carried all of those bottles upstairs. We tasted all of her whiskey all right and convinced her to drink too. She came to party with us after it, and the night got pretty crazy!

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