Wild teens at the game

28 Nov 2013, 18:06 - Category: Teen

And we are back to my close buddies again, but they are just there everyday of my life. We love football. I mean american football, and we watch and follow the NFL when we can, and even if we have work the other day or something to do, we still gather around and watch the games and have a few  beers. Because that is just tradition, and you do not pussy out from football. (At least that is what we tell our friends when they don't want to come.  But that is not a usual occasion thank god se we do not have to say it that often.)

We finally had the oppurtinity to go out to a game, and boy were we excited about it. We were tailgating the whole day in front of the stadium and watch the college girls come arrive. Cause this was a college game I forgot to tell you guys that, it was unfortunately not a pro game, but the girls were much better this way. We were enjoying the game, our team was winning when the kiss cam came in at half time. It scoured a little, then stopped and two amazing teens. One of them was a cute little brunette wearing a knitted hat and a scarf, and the other one was a gorgeous blonde who had her hair in braids. They laughed a little, then started kissing so hard that the whole stadium was cheering.

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