Babes and bitches blog (page 10)

Blonde waiter in the Reastaurant - Teen

07 Sep 2013, 19:56

A cute blonde teen was working in the mall restaurant and she got a new uniform that nearly revealed her ass.

Milf in the school yard - Milf

06 Sep 2013, 14:48

I was picking up my little sister in school when this insanely hot milf in a cop uniform reached for somethin and her perfect big boobies fell out!

Gorgeous DJ - Babes

05 Sep 2013, 13:40

I was at a fancy club when I saw that the DJ who's spinning the great songs is a big boobed brunette who is nearly topless.

Bitches playing in lingerie - Bitches

04 Sep 2013, 14:21

I visited some schools when I wanted to get my master diploma, and in one dorm people were only allowed in the game room in lingerie!

Lesbians on the beach - Lesbian

03 Sep 2013, 12:52

I was driving down the Adriatic and stopped at an abandoned beach. These lesbians were kissing there and stripping down their bikinis.

Perky brunette in the shower - Hardcore

02 Sep 2013, 17:22

I was showering in the gym after a hard workout, but I got an even harder workout when a perky brunette came in and wanted a rough fuck.

Milf and the pool boy - Milf

30 Aug 2013, 17:00

I was working as a neighbourhood poolboy for the summer and had a lot of houses to go to. In one particular pool there was a milf getting wet and teasing me.

T utor for a teen - Teen

29 Aug 2013, 17:22

I was tutoring math when I was in college for high school seniors, and one of my pupils was this perfect little cute brunette.

Bitches by the street - Bitches

28 Aug 2013, 18:02

Everytime I go home theres a big open road with lots of lanes. When I come home at night there are girls standing all over it. They are proffesional bitches. I once stopped and asked around.

Hard dildoing lesbians - Lesbian

27 Aug 2013, 17:00

I watched a lesbian porn scene once, and I can remember it exactly how it was. It was the sexiest and most erotic thing I have ever seen.

Sex in the club bathroom - Hardcore

26 Aug 2013, 16:43

I was at a club celebrating my friends birthday party when a sexy brunette dragged me into the toilet and sucked my dry.

Milf changing clothes in front of me - Milf

24 Aug 2013, 14:12

I was babysitting a lot when I was younger and once I had a gorgeous blonde milf as a client who tried on a lot of lingerie to ask for my opinion!

Teen in the club - Teen

23 Aug 2013, 15:00

I picked up a girl in the club she was pretty smokin' but I woke up to a big surprise in the morning!

Babes on a House Party - Babes

22 Aug 2013, 15:25

I was invited to a house party in a small flat with lots of young people. I went to sleep in a dark room and awakened to dancing babes wearing only stockings.

Escort girls in South Africa - Bitches

21 Aug 2013, 14:55

I met a guy once who was paying a perfectly normal (but otherwise absolutely stunning) black girl to accompany him for 2 weeks to South Africa.