Common Myths about Male and Female Masturbation" />

Common Myths about Male and Female Masturbation

28 Apr 2023, 20:20 - Category: Bitches

Before anything else, here is one thing you need to know, masturbation is completely normal and healthy. There will be no health problems if you masturbate regularly. This “NO-FAP” thing has presented masturbation in a villainous manner. According to those no-nut guys, all the problems in your life are connected to masturbation. It is the stupidest thing that you can hear. 


Also, if you search on the internet, you will find various baseless and unscientific myths around masturbation that will simply boggle your mind. They have complicated such a simple act of masturbation into something sinful and that shows how stupid human minds can get and how gullible they think your minds are. They are just trying to do that to sell their courses.

However, if you get addicted to masturbation and if that is causing problems in your real life, then masturbation could be a bit problematic. Just like every other addiction, masturbation can also be bad in that case. But if you dive deep into the problem, you will realize that you are addicted to pornstars in the industry and not masturbation. Your addiction could be hot sexy porno movies.

That is why you have to be very careful before you think that masturbation is the problem of your life because when you think deeply, the problem could be coming from the porn industry and you are addicted to going to various porn sites and watching HOT XXX videos.

But, most men and women wouldn’t introspect in that way and blame masturbation without thinking twice because they are a believer in some common myths and lies that are spread all over the internet. So, in this article, let’s debunk those myths about masturbation of both men and women.


#1 If You Are in a Relationship, You Can’t Masturbate

Look, there are couples where complications might arise if one partner finds that the other is masturbating. It can seem like cheating for one partner. But, nowadays, people are open about sex and sexuality and therefore, if you masturbate and your partner finds out, you wouldn’t face many problems.


#2 Excess Masturbation Will Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Many people believe that if they watch sexy porn videos a lot and masturbate, they could end up having erectile dysfunction. Yes, this is a huge myth because if you regularly masturbate, it will help you to avoid erectile dysfunction and also make you last longer in bed. So, you shouldn’t believe this myth.


#3 Masturbation Causes Abnormal Sexual Development

During the adolescence period, men and women tend to explore their sexual urges. That is why they tend to masturbate a lot. But, you can rest assured that will only steady their sexual development. Otherwise, most people around the world would have had unusual sexual developments as most people masturbated during their adolescence.


#4 You Can’t Have Any Health Benefits from Masturbating

Many people believe that masturbation only harms their bodies and does not provide any health benefits. But, you will be astonished to know that with regular masturbation, you will live a much healthier life as you will sleep well and your mood will be happier as it will help in releasing happy hormones.


#5 Masturbation Will Cause Premature Ejaculation

As more and more people tend to believe the “NO-FAP” myth, the number of people suffering from premature ejaculation is also rising. This happens because you tend to hold on to your sperm for a long time. Thus, when you get excited, it fails to hold onto the sperm and ejaculation happens instantly. Therefore, not masturbating might get you premature ejaculation and not the other way around.


The Bottom Line

Finally, many people think that watching sexy babes in action and masturbating with such videos will create a negative impact on your life. Your spiritual growth will be hampered by that. But, you should know that according to the ancient Indian book of sex, Kamasutra, sexual exploration is also a path to spiritual growth. Therefore, if you are not addicted to masturbation and you are having a healthy relationship with your partner, then masturbation will not be a problem in your life and that is the case for most people. But, these myths are so stupid that you should throw them in the garbage.


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