Lilith’s Adventures in SexLand 17.

22 Jul 2014, 12:37

“I don’t know if I can…”

“Is it a trace of self-doubt?”

“Ok. You are right. At least I should try…” He slowly stood up, stretched his body then confidently opened the door and I heard him knocking next door. I knew he went there because I teased him, but I did not mind. I wanted him to decide to stay for one more turn or rather change a bit. I didn’t blame him for his decision. It is a different situation with two young girls who adore him. It was his day. Too much temptation was on the table and he was not prepared for that. He is hedonistic just like me. He wanted to get everything just like me. We just interpret that everything differently. But it’s ok. I understood and though I would not mind a third fuck I can wait if necessary and I also was not sure if I want him again. I know enough of him, I do not want to start a discussion about his or my everyday life, goals etc. I was hungry for sex. I opened a door which leads me somewhere I have not entered before. I did not want to control my desires, rather follow them wherever it goes. I felt free now. This affair reached its end and I headed to the next. So far the journey went well. I cleaned myself a bit then I put on my clothes, I lay on the seats and watched the always disappearing scenery outside. I switched on my mp3 player and listened to my favorite music. Even through the music I heard the noises of next door so I knew he bangs them, and probably the two girls are happy to see somebody experienced who finds their uncovered sensitivities. And they simultaneously could give him a blow job then he cums third time at the end. He has no problem with his erection. But the situation is also different what he usually experiences in other days with his sex-related activities. 

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