Lilith's Adventure in SexLand 6.

09 Jul 2014, 13:16 - Category: Bitches

I enjoyed the full attention I received. We changed positions a few times but I got back to get fucked from behind as in this way his cock could get into my vagina deepest and also somehow touched the most sensitive points on its way. Well, my guy was amazing, he knew how to move his dick, and reacted for all kind of feedback I gave to him. Also he used his hand all the time stroking my clitoris or my tits or grabbing my butt, so he was focusing on other kind of pleasures as well. That is what I like in experienced fuckers. I also actively moved my hips guide his dick into the best direction and sucked it with my inner muscles with tensing then releasing them. I heard his groans all the time I tighten my pussy around his cock. It is something I first read in a geisha diary and I knew straight away it is something special. I tried it and it worked amazingly. From our wanker’s point of view this delicacy was invisible but as far as I sensed him he was focusing on the mainstream action. That is why he only could watch us from outside. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the door opening again. A blonde thin teen girl looked in smiling.

“I heard you next door. And well, I wonder if I can learn something here. Your voices turned me on.”

My man looked up and shoke his head. I was wondering why but I did not want to ask it right now. But the buffet guy who was close to cum a second before just nodded his head.

“I would be happy to shag you. Can I?”

It seemed to me that soon everybody who wants to fuck or get fucked on the train will find our cabin. 


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