Lilith's Adventures in SexLand 15.

19 Jul 2014, 22:48

“Do you want to keep the distance?” he asked finally with an expiring voice.

“You broke the silence.”

“I did, because I had to. I can make myself cum but I’m crazy for your body. I think now watching you I learned every inch of it and I imagined lick and touch you everywhere but I rather do in real…”

“Ok.” I meant to explain that I think my theory would only work if there would have been an existing emotional bound as well but I was not even sure I would be right with that. But anyway I did not have time to talk a lot, as his deep French kiss landed on my lips, and his tongue got my tongue in the next minute. He pushed me down hard, I could not move. He was so happy to take over the game and be on a field he knew very well and he preferred now the old style missionary position, well at least how much it was possible here, it was rather a variation of that, but still not something experimental. His sweeping desire whirled me. I did not want to analyze the situation only live it. He fucked me hard and I could not really move, he held down my hands and his body lied heavy on me, but for my surprise I enjoyed it. I usually don’t like getting out of control but now I liked how the strong male energy hammered me. He hardly could breathe. He moved faster and faster in me while he did not lose a bit of its strength.

“Can we go anal? Can I shag your ass?”

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