Lilith's Adventures in SexLand 16.

20 Jul 2014, 12:00

“Just do. Enter slowly but then you can be as hard as you wish to.”

“Don’t worry. I got crazy, but I take care of you and if I feel you do not want or not enjoying it I stop.”

His beautiful smile again... He still feels my reactions. And I was open to him.  We used our natural juices to my ass, as unfortunately we did not have any lubricant with us. I would not mind to have a silicon lubricant just to make sure it will be wet enough. But there was no reason to worry. My ass was tight but nothing was hurt. He grabbed my butt in both sides and pulled away them and moved it along with his pushing movements but in the opposite direction. It did not take long I felt he is close…

“Can I….”


He cummed inside my ass. He stopped moving and I felt his ejection through the state of his cock, it got a little bigger then released a bit but still stood hard in my ass. He fall on me totally.

“Am I heavy?”

“Hm. Yes, you are. If you could move to the side a bit…”

“Ok, but then I slip out of you.”

“It happens anyway.”

We laughed airily.

“We failed on your experiment. But I’ve never experienced the desire so strong even after foreplay or waiting for somebody… It was enormous. I could not resist or dominate it. It felt great.”

“Do you mean that the experiment still got some results?”

“I think I meant that. And I never had erection twice with so short break between.”

“What a confession.”

“You are ironic. I take you too seriously. And you laugh at me.”

“Not at all. I just wonder about the third erection. Will it happen here or do you visit next door?”

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