Lilith's Adventures in SexLand 18.

23 Jul 2014, 12:13

I probably fall asleep because I woke up for him running into the cabin still naked followed by the ticket inspector. The big bold inspector tried to stay serious but it seemed hard for him. It was funny. And also I could imagine the scenery welcomed him next door… The blooming foursome. I smiled at them. My Samael wasn’t embarrassed but rather in hurry.

“My Princess, you look beautiful dressed.” smiled at me while jumping into his jeans. The ticket inspector couldn’t believe what he heard. His facial expression told everything. He was envious and probably all what he saw here only existed in his dreams. He never thought it can happen in real.

“It was a hilarious journey.” my guy chatted joyfully. “You are amazing. Thank you for everything”

“My pleasure, Baby. I mean it.” I knew he will live from it for a while. He seemed strong and self-confident even more than before. I understood.

“I have to go I nearly missed my stop but the ticket inspector was really nice to warn me.”

I tried not laughing loudly.

“Have a nice day and life.”

“For you too.”

He rushed out, the ticket inspector followed him like a dog.

I was alone again in the cabin, heading to Paris, the dream city, the city of love. My plan was to meet and get to know people there and live a free life, going out, have sex whenever you feel to and whoever you feel with and enjoy everything comes to me. There is no such a thing as chance. All things happen with a reason that you do not and mostly cannot know at the time but either you find out later or you don’t but it becomes obvious at a point. I was analytic but I decided not thinking too much just let my instinct drive me. That is the best to do. So I was ready to arrive to Paris. Actually I hardly could wait…

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