Mute girl

22 Jan 2014, 16:36 - Category: Bitches

I went to my friends place to celebrate the New Years eve and we had ourselves a little party with twelve or somewhat fifteen people and we were having a really good time playing beerpong, having drinks (a lot of them!), talking and overall getting frisky and tipsy to celebrate new years eve accordingly and in good fashion. When everyone was there we took a pictures and I posed with some fine and sexy bitches there. They really stepped up their game this time, got in their party clothes and tiny skirted dresses, put on some make up that made their eyes look even prettier, and they were all smiles and kisses because of the occasion and the booze. 

Finally midnight came upon us and we were counting down five-four-three-two-one and boom the champagnes were poppin and we got even more drunk then we were. But suddenly I glued my eyes to the TV what was running on mute, and saw the most amazing blonde I have ever seen in my life. She was the hearing impaired language translator behind the Chief of Staff who was making a speech. Her hands moved with elegance and class and she was just perfect overall. I could not take my eyes off her until the speech was over and she toasted with the Chief and smiled at the camera with a smile that had me trapped.

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