Naughty foreigners

11 Aug 2014, 18:18 - Category: Teen

Last week I was in a hurry, but was hungry as well, so had to eat something in a fast-food restaurant. Subway was the nearest one, so I went in to eat a sandwich, and while I was ordering, a tried to flirt with the girl who was serving me. She was a hot blonde girl, like she is, with a small ear stretch in her left ear. I really like these kind of hipster girls, I was just wondering, what it could be like to be with her, but then, I had to pay my sandwich. Next week though, I think I'll be able to have some fun with a hipster girl!

There'll be a festival where I live, and I've been waiting for it for the whole summer! A lot of cute little girls like she is will be there, dancing and getting drunk, and waiting just for me! I've experience with them, but it was a long time ago, and man needs to refresh memories :). But wildness isn't the only thing I'm looking for: I'll try to search as many foreign girls as possilbe! French, dutch, italian? They can come! For example, if I'll find a girl like this naughty blonde one, I'll definitely ask her to have some fun!

Drinking and partying all day long can be a bit tiring too, so I'll need to sleep a bit. What I want in the morning, when I wake up, is to get up next to a girl like this brunette here. And I hope that I won't remember anything from the last night. Or... is it better to remember? I'll find it out and tell you after it!

Oh, and I hope I'll find that girl from the restaurant, too!

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