The presence of artcore in our life

11 Sep 2014, 17:28 - Category: Hardcore

Every day, when you're watching porn and porn movies, you'll probably see some hardcore action as well, when pornstars with a huge amount of makeup let the guys bang them in the ass, or they just suck as many cocks as they can. Some videos or galleries though show us something else, where casual girls with just a little bit of makeup try to make love. Yes, it's not hardcore sex at all, it's like sex with your girl- or boyfriend. It's kinda like a newer style, and it's called artcore.

Usually when we call something artcore, it has really some artistic features. Sometimes the set seems to be artistic, sometimes other things. Mostly young, and especially nice girls can be found in these sets, who do just the same as in hardcore, so they suck dicks, let themselves licked and fuck like a whore, but the whole thing seems to be natural. This kind of porn is made for people who wanna feel the real feelings of the porn. When you see a pornstar, you can't really imagine yourself with the girl. But when you see a nice, blonde girl, who could  even be your girlfriend, everything changes.

On the other hand, also the guys can be seen when we talk about artcore, so they have face, and you can see that they're real humans as well. They try to seduce the girls, find out something romantic for them, and then the scene turns to be a really nice sex action. Because artcore is nice. Not just the persons feel the nice, but everything what's there, and you can feel yourself like you'd be there. So, if you can, try to watch more artcore from now on!

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