Lilith's Adventures in SexLand 14.

18 Jul 2014, 22:00

He closed the door first. He did not want to be bothered during our action. We were still naked, sit opposite seats. I opened my legs wide and started to stroke my clitoris. He moved towards me unintentionally. He had to control himself not to jump on me. I licked over my lips. I knew it is a bit bitchy but the whole game had needed that kind of gestures. He was captured by that. Then he grabbed his hard dick and started to wank, but I felt it is rather just to win some time until he finds out what to move next. I felt that I keep the situation under control, I enjoyed every second of it. He still were looking for his place in it, how can he fuck when he actually doesn’t do that. It is an interesting challenge. I started to play with my nipples with one hand while with the other I started fingering myself. First just softly pushed two of my fingers in and stimulated my sensitive inner areas. I left the fucking with fingers for later. I scanned his athletic body, tented skin. He was tall and I realized that he very much cares about his look, his hair or nails showed how perfectly he takes care for even the smallest details. His vanity seemed to be an important part of him. I was wandering why those kinds of things meant to be feminine. He didn’t seem feminine at all. He might be maniac in some way. I checked his face and I met his begging eyes. I felt the spark between us, and I wasn’t sure how long I can go on with the game I introduced… But I tried to seem confident for the moment and focused on his big hard cock.




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