Short girls and short hair

01 Sep 2014, 17:16 - Category: Babes

People say, the long-legged girls're especially sexy. They also say, long hair is really the symbol of effeminacy, just like red lips or red high heels. So handsome guys mostly don't care about short haired girls, or about those girls who are a bit shorter, with short legs. But did someone tell ever, that they couldn't be sexy? Though short haired girls're lesbian sometimes, it doesn't mean at all that they don't like dicks.

So, take a look at this cute blonde chick for example. She's from Russia, she's a blonde, and what's really important for us is that she's short haired! If you take a closer look on her body, you'll realize that she's sexy as well, really sexy. So, short hair doesn't really make a pro or a con about sexiness, still, sometimes it can happen. So if you like short haired, with no matter about the color, search up the web and enjoy yourself!

Now then, let's switch to short girls. Usually they're short because of short legs, but they still keep themselves harmonic, so if they'd be taller, their legs, arms, neck, etc. would be longer as well. But from the other hand, there're short guys as well. And short guys doesn't really like tall girls, or they like them, but don't look so good next to them. So short guys prefer short girls, I'm sure about that.

This girl for example is only tall because of her high heels, but if she didn't wear them, she'd be so short like Napoleon was. But this girl, by the name of Vanessa Walker is really sexy as well, just look at her, she's simply a bombshell. I'm pretty sure that you'd love to have some fun with her - but you can't, unless you're in some kind of a relation with Vanessa. Otherwise, look for another short girl - you'll love her!

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