Naked run

25 Jan 2014, 23:27 - Category: Lesbian

Nowaday all people do is protest something. Don't you get the feeling that if even the tinyest littlest minorest social issue comes up people are going on the street and begin to complain all the time and they just would not shut up about their own selfish issues, and everyone is finding inequality, racism and sexism everywhere, even where it is not present and they are just making a fuss about everything 

Well I saw a protest once in college, it was beyond the stage of getting Facebook likes and now these sexy and skinny girls were on the campus grounds and they were screaming and protesting about some issue and it was pretty annoying to hear during my exam. When I finally got out I was pretty pissed, but only until I saw them, then my mood got way better and I was delighted to witness this spectacle live and in the making. Because these babes were completely naked and they were looking amazing. After I had gazed upon their fine tits and perfect asses I read their signs and they had a lot of them. As I figured out these were a group of kinky lesbians who were protestint free love and the freedom of their breast, and to show them whenever they want and free them from the "confines of men". 

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