Seducing a lesbian

19 Dec 2013, 18:42 - Category: Lesbian

I was cruising in a showroom car when this story happened and I really loved doing that at the time. I am really a car nut, and I love the speed, the craftmanship and the awesomeness of a new car, and of course the electronic things and all the extras like ABS and the computer they put into the new luxury cars. My friends are not millionares but they kinda did the best thing they could for me, when they paid me a 3 hour test drive in an amazing, grass and metal green luxury jaguar. I was so happy I could cry. I got in the car, felt the leather under my skin and when I started the engine there was pure power underneath me, and the perfect craftmanship of the finest engineers in the world. I was excited as a child when I rolled out of the showroom. 

Then I was driving around some more remote roads when I saw a super cute blonde hitchhiking near the road. I was thinking to myself, that maybe I can fuck her golddiger ass if she is one, in this amazing car if I act as if it is my own. I picked her up and we started talking a bit about the weather and such things. Then she mentioned that she was a lesbian (a hot one at that), but her girlfriend dumped her. That was when I made my move, and told her that I was dumped too, and I just bought this car to myself, and I am going to see some mansions along the costal lines. OF yourse her eyes gleamed and she said that he never was with a man before. I stopped near the road in an abanoned parking lot and I put my cock into that tight pussy, and pounded it so hard, she will never forget that first time.

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